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Giving you the edge in casual and permanent staffing solutions


Who We Are

Top Shelf Recruitment represents a collective of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals, who are committed to aligning the right people with the right business and individuals.

We assist our clients in sourcing and training high calibre permanent and casual staff for all aspects of hospitality and events, giving you more time to focus on your business.

We have extensive experience in the restaurants, bars, events and hotel sectors, with high retention rates in an demanding and ever evolving industry.

Our recruitment management team has a wealth of knowledge across the spectrum of human resources.

We pride ourselves on recruiting the highest quality candidates and working to professionally develop and support them to have long term, sustainable, satisfying and rewarding careers.

Areas We Work In

What People Say

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  • Angela Jin

    Angela Jin

    Australian Turf Club

    ​Thank you so much for your help during the carnival. We know how difficult staffing was with COVID, the floods & the dozens of other events on in Sydney. We really appreciate that you were abl...

  • Takeshi Nomo

    Takeshi Nomo

    Ainoya Japanese Restaurant

    ​All of Top Shelf’s staff are trustful & very good.

  • Head of Co-op

    Head of Co-op

    Kay Carey

    ​First I wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to all of you, for Saturday night. First, it was just lovely to see you and Amanda again and to meet the new team but secondly, because you were once aga...

  • Omega Ensemble

    Omega Ensemble

    Alida Stanley

    ​Just a quick note to thank you and the Dream Team for all your efforts on Sunday night. It was such a pleasure to have you there and it went a HUGE way to ensuring that the evening was a fabulous ...

  • Diana Ferreira

    Diana Ferreira

    ​Top Shelf Recruitment is the best company to work for. I have worked for them over 2 years. They have taught me how to be a leader, how to be authentic and how to give the best customer service. I...

  • Marquee Sydney

    Marquee Sydney


    I have a successful history with Top Shelf Recruitment! I can't tell you how helpful they have been, helping me work the hours I want around my uni schedule. Always friendly. Great, positive emplo...

  • Charlotte Castelli

    Charlotte Castelli

    ​We've been working together since the beginning. The team provides us with a variety of excellent candidates. They expedite the process of trialling and hiring new staff by streamlining the recrui...

  • Event Centre - TSEG

    Event Centre - TSEG

    Scott Bayne

    ​We are coming up on 4 years working together and I wanted to send my thanks to the entire team for all the hard work. The dedication to our ever growing Event Centre and truly understanding the vi...

  • Andrew Howarth

    Andrew Howarth

    ​Couldn't be happier with the experience. I was recommended to this business by a friend who has also been in the industry for a long time. They are super flexible with my schedule, they are very h...

  • Gonzalo de los Santos

    Gonzalo de los Santos

    Great events company, very professional staff. They always treated me very kindly, and always assessed me when needed. It was a pleasure, gracias!- Gonzalo

  • Nicola Mobilio

    Nicola Mobilio

    ​Great experience! Since the first interview to the last minute of the employment! The recruitment process has been super efficient and I have been assigned to one of the best place to work with in...

  • European Catering

    European Catering

    Easter Palelei

    The team are great to work with and are very accommodating, especially with last minute requests. The staff that we have onsite are great.Easter Palelei | European Catering | Corporate Caterer of ...


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