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About Us

Who we are

Top Shelf Recruitment (formerly Benchmarque) is a boutique agency delivering specialised casual and permanent staffing solutions to Sydney's leading event venues and hospitality businesses.

We are a collective of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals, who are committed to aligning the right people with the right business and individuals.

Our vision is to supply well presented, expertly trained, warm and confident team members that provide an engaging and memorable guest experience.

As a smaller agency, we provide personalised service with carefully targeted recruitment strategies, rigorous screening and quality training and assessment programs.

In the constantly evolving landscape of Covid 19 restrictions, we allow businesses to adapt to changing staffing levels without the inconvenience and time crunch of hiring internal staff. We manage the recruitment and onboarding process, scheduling and payroll, training and presentation programs and human resources obligations for the casual workforce.

Typically our clients come to us looking for support with the daily challenges involved in managing their workforces effectively. This has never been more evident than now, with Covid 19 impacting the hospitality, entertainment and travel industries so heavily. We can identify and attract quality talent, giving our partners the freedom to focus on making their businesses stronger.

​​We are known for our empathetic and collaborative approach to maintaining a service focused attitude to our business. This leaves our clients and candidates feeling supported and our employees feeling valued, connected and engaged.

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Why Choose Us?

  • RECRUITMENT: We reduce the pressure of hiring and ease the difficulty of hiring new people by creating tailored advertising, intensive screening and employing for you

  • ONBOARDING: Our latest technology allows for seamless, best practice and compliant on-boarding for any number of staff.

  • TRAINING: our bespoke and tailored training programs will ensure that your businesses services stands out from the crowd

  • PLACEMENT: We deliver excellent long term management candidates that will transform your business

  • ROSTERING: We provide easy, efficient and cost effective workforce planning solutions

  • FINANCIAL: we ease time consuming payroll, tax, super and workers comp obligations with an inclusive solution

  • SERVICE: Our dedicated account managers are committed to understanding you and your business’s unique needs, and to delivering the best possible outcomes.

We Are a Best Practice & Dedicated Recruitment Agency

Top Shelf Recruitment represents a group of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals who are committed to aligning the right people with the right business. 

Collectively, our dedicated team has 98 years of valuable industry experience, working with leading hospitality and events businesses both domestically and internationally in addition to private clients. The knowledge and experience gained through our collective experience and passion for what we do is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We are known for our empathetic and collaborative approach to maintaining a service-first attitude to the industry where our clients and candidates feel supported, and our employees feel valued, connected and engaged. One of our key strengths is building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and our casual and permanent workforce. We pride ourselves on a hands-on approach on all projects we work on, and gain immense job satisfaction from watching our clients and staff grow and flourish.