About Us

Who we are

Top Shelf Recruitment, formerly BENCHMARQUE represents a collective of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals, who are committed to aligning the right people with the right business and individuals.

We are your best practice staffing solutions provider. We assist with sourcing & training high calibre casual staff in hospitality, events, childcare, cleaning and at-home services, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

For hospitality, we work in the restaurants, bars, events & hotel sectors with high retention rates in an ever changing and demanding industry.

We represent a professional team of casual workers with experience in childcare, at-home care for the elderly & disabled, and cleaning services both domestic and commercial.

Our recruitment management team has extensive experience in all aspects of the hospitality, human resources and recruitment industries.  

We pride ourselves in recruiting the highest quality candidates and working to professionally develop & support them to have long term,
sustainable, satisfying & rewarding careers.


Why Choose Us?

We are passionate specialists
hiring top talent for the industries that we serve. We maintain relevant & current with trends in casual staffing, market value & salary. We are
able to provide tailored salary benchmarking for clients who require more specific & bespoke solutions that are relevant, compliant & best
practice for their business.

We Are a Best Practice & Dedicated Recruitment Agency

Top Shelf Recruitment represents a group of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals who are committed to aligning the right people with the right business. 

Collectively, our dedicated team has 98 years of valuable industry experience, working with leading hospitality & events businesses both domestically and internationally in addition to private clients.  The knowledge & experience gained through our collective experience and passion for what we do is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

We are known for our empathetic and collaborative approach to maintaining a service-first attitude to the industry where our clients and candidates feel supported, and our employees feel valued, connected and engaged.  One of our key strengths is building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and our casual & permanent workforce.  We pride ourselves on a hands-on approach on all projects we work on, and gain immense job satisfaction from watching our clients and staff grow and flourish.