COVID-19 | Changes To Our Products & Services

COVID-19 | Changes To Our Products & Services

COVID-19 Update | How We've Adapted to Keep Our Workforce Safe & Employed

The effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had, and continues to have on the hospitality & events industry and Australians as a whole has been devastating for us at Top Shelf Recruitment. Seeing our clients and favourite venues forced to close their doors, events cancelled, hospitality staff suddenly without employment has been distressing to say the very least. We have had to inform our casual workforce that there is no longer any work for them in the hospitality and events sector, we have had to say goodbye to staff who have left Australia to be home with family and loved ones in their countries of origin, and we have had to watch as friends, family & colleagues find themselves in serious financial hardship almost overnight. And this is just the beginning...

At Top Shelf Recruitment, we wanted to do everything we can to keep our casual staff employed and also assist Australians who may be seeking assistance to continue working with the constant changes to how and where we work, keep our children and more. We contacted our workforce to identify who had previous experience in areas that we know are surging in relation to demand for services - primarily in childcare, cleaning, shelf stacking, food prep & delivery etc. The response was swift and our workforce are dedicated and keen to keep working and help in any way they can.

We now have introduced Casual Cleaning Services, Casual Childcare & At-Home Care & Assistance for the Elderly or those in need if in mandatory or voluntary self-isolation. All of our team who are experienced in these areas hold Police Checks and/or Working With Children Checks and are able to be enlisted for work for individuals and organisations who need help. We have purposely kept our margins low in order to ensure these new products & services are affordable as our primary reason for creating them is to maintain steady employment for our casual staffing team, save our business, and respond to the needs that are currently surging in Australia.

If you would like to know more, please contact one of our consultants. We are, as always, here to help.

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