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Why Hospo? | The Special Sauce That Motivates Hospitality Workers

Why Hospo? | The Special Sauce That Motivates Hospitality Workers

Why Hospo? | The Special Sauce That Motivates Hospitality Workers
Forced smiles, late nights and hours on your feet…
It’s not for everyone. It’s harder than it looks. You may feel the need to quietly scream in the bathroom.
But those who are in it, love it.


Working across fabulous venues, bars, restaurants and events, you could be serving oysters waterside one day and shaking up cocktails in a groovy alleyway bar the next.

What’s more, you’re serving guests who are delighted to be there (and who wouldn’t be with a margarita in one hand and a taco in the other)?!

Working in a thriving, fast paced environment among diverse and interesting people, hospitality work offers those who dare to endure it plenty of rewards. But how do they weigh up against the challenges?

How do you know if it’s the gig for you? What motivates our front line hospo-soldiers?


1.     You’re a people person.

If you like teamwork and enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and all walks of life, hospo is the ticket. It will teach you excellent communication, problem-solving skills, customer service and how to think on your feet: fast!

2.     Every day is different

Unlike the typical mind-numbing 9-5 grind, you’re not stuck in an office all day! There can be a lot of variety in hospitality, so if you like change and a new adventure with every shift, then hospitality is the industry for you.

3.     Travel the world

Hospitality equips you with a universal skillset that will translate globally. Multi-tasking, flexibility, attention to detail, time management… these abilities can be put to use on working holiday trips and pay your way to the next destination!


4.     Work to your own schedule

Hospitality and especially staffing agencies allow you to accept the shifts you’re interested in and have the availability for, meaning you can write your own rosters. Students or those looking for extra shifts outside their usual work commitments make ideal candidates for casual hospitality gigs.


5.     Feel wanted

Looking to build up some cash in the bank? You’re in luck. Currently, there is a hospitality labour shortage, so you could work 5-7 days a week if you wanted. This paves the way for significant career progression and opportunity for those with hospitality in their blood. Many hotel GMs started their careers on the floor of a restaurant or behind a bar!


Ready to reap the rewards? Give us a buzz so we can chat about kick-starting your future in hospitality: 02 9036 1800.


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