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Stephen Harris


I am a results driven business investor, owner and consultant.  My experience spans a wide range of industries including hospitality, warehousing and logistics, recruitment, retail, import and export, product development and production, education, and the wine industry.  Developing people and the organisations of which they are part of is the driving force behind my creativity and inspiration. 

I am the Managing Director of Rickshaw Enterprises, a boutique management consulting company.  Collectively, my team at Rickshaw Enterprises offer
over 53 years of experience working in the areas of developing, building and operating small to medium businesses, training, consulting, mentoring and
coaching.  Rickshaw Enterprises has a diverse body of career experience ranging from the food and wine industry, hospitality, customer service, sales –
retail, wholesale and distribution, design, workplace training and mentoring, corporate training and facilitation, arts and entertainment, community service
and more.  It is this knowledge acquired through their collective stories that sets them apart from their competitors. 

 With a long family history in the wine and liquor industry, I have worked across most aspects of the wine industry and currently own five independent
wine & liquor retail stores in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, a cafe, wine and deli store in Potts Point, wine import and wine export companies, several wine labels, a working farm with holiday stays
on the Colo River and more.  Having Top Shelf Recruitment as part of my growing portfolio is an exciting new venture for 2021, and I am proud to be working
alongside the incredible, hardworking team of professionals in this organisation and their valuable workforce and clients.